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WEB COPY // Killing Me Softly With Bad Web Copy

Updated: May 12, 2023

A computer with a screen that says "Killing me softly with web copy"

Hey, guys! It's going to be a shorter post today. We're just finishing week three of school around here and it's been busy to say the least. But I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that is so important to a website's success: web copy.

Web copy is the written content on your website, and it can make or break your website's success. It's not just about the words you use, but how you use them. The words on your website need to be clear, concise, and cohesive to your branding. They also need to be action-oriented and drive your visitors to take the next step.

Calls-to-Action: what are they, and why are they important?

One of the most important elements of web copy is the call-to-action (CTA). A CTA is a button or link that lets your target audience know what you want them to do next. It could be to "buy now," "subscribe," or "learn more." The CTA's on your website must be short, sweet, and to the point (and also very hard to miss). They should also be in line with the overall goal of your website.

Headlines (like this one), and what to do with them

Headlines and sub-headers are also crucial to web copy. They're the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your homepage, and it's also the first thing they look at when they read your blog posts. And they need to be attention-grabbing! Sub-headers are just as important because they help break up the text and make it more readable. Sub-headers help to give your readers a place to pause and take a break from reading.

Choose your words carefully

Words are powerful and they can convey a lot of meaning. That's why it's so important to use words that are cohesive to your branding. This means using the same language and tone throughout your website. It also means using words and writing about topics that are relevant to your audience and the products or services you're offering.

Donald Miller, the author of Building a StoryBrand, says "If we don’t speak in terms that help our customers survive and thrive, our brains just aren’t wired to pay attention." This is so true. Our brains are wired to do only pay attention to things that help us survive and thrive; in other words, things that help us move forward in life. If your web copy isn't helping your target market get ahead, or relating to them on a personal level, it's not going to help you get leads or conversions. It needs to be clear and concise and avoid being vague. Broad topics are not where it's at.

As Frank Sinatra says, "In Other Words..."

Long story short, web copy is essential to the success of your website. It needs to be uncluttered, "unconfusing," and understandable (see what I did there?). Your web copy needs to help your reader see why they need your product or service over someone else's, without going into too much detail. It also needs to be action-oriented and drive your visitors to take the next step, whatever that may be. And finally, it's important to use words that are relevant to your audience and in line with your branding. Keep the same tone throughout your website. Remember, if we don’t speak in terms that help our customers "survive and thrive," our brains just aren’t wired to pay attention.

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