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ENTREPRENEUR? // A Daily Task List for the Lazy Entrepreneur

Updated: May 8, 2023

I am the laziest person on earth. And I get overwhelmed when I have too many tasks on my to-do list at a time. I'm a wife, and a mom, and a teacher, and a very new, baby *entrepreneur*.

Starting your own business is NOT for the faint of heart. So, when I decided to start my own business and become a copywriter, content writer, and course designer, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I also knew that if I had too much to do each day, on top of all the other things I had on my plate, I would probably just give up.

I've "tried" to start my own business before, and it always ended up on the backburner because I got too overwhelmed and gave up. It's also easy to give up in the very beginning when you don't have very many leads and you keep getting told "no," or "not right now."

There are a multitude of excuses for not starting your own business. But if you are an entrepreneur-at-heart, or someone that wants financial and time freedom for yourself and your family, you will only regret not doing it.

So, I have come up with a checklist for myself to complete every week. They are small, bite-sized steps I can take to continue to grow my business throughout the week, while also being able to get all of my other things done.

And, if there are any other entrepreneurs, babypreneurs, mompreneurs, etc., out there, I thought I'd share my weekly checklist to try and help out a bit. This list especially works if your business is a side-hustle for now, like mine.


  • Learning/Expanding Knowledge Day

  • Content Planning Day

  • Contact one potential client / current client


  • Plan/Build one page of website or sales funnel


  • Work on client material/content


  • Ideas Day

  • Content/Copy writing day

  • Work on/Plan one printable idea (or other idea, depending on your field)


  • Publish a blog post (if you’re a blogger; if not, I can write them for you!)


  • Client Meetings/Contacts

  • Catch up (1 hour)

  • Family Time!



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