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Helping female entrepreneurs plan their content, write their sales copy, and write their story, so that they can focus on living it.

Hi, I'm  Victoria

I am "the wayward creative." I specialize in creating sales copy and content plans, and blog writing for small businesses. My biggest goal is to assist in writing the stories of entrepreneurs so that they can focus on living them.


Answer me this...

  • Do you have a small business and want more traffic to your website?

  • Do you need sales copy, but don’t know where to start?

  • Are you tired of trying to come up with your own content?

  • Would you like more time to focus on the ins and outs of your business without having to worry about your website copy or social media content?

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I know how you feel. As someone who has experienced the value of having great sales copy and content, I know how frustrated you are when you feel like you've tried everything and to increase sales and engagement. I also know how time consuming it can be to plan and write all of said things.

I can help you! And here's why I know I can help:

  • I am a high school English teacher with almost seven years of experience not only teaching students the value of literature, but also witnessing the biggest problems people have with writing, and coming up with ways to fix it.

  • With a bachelor’s degree in English, I am well versed in the world of writing.

  • And with four years of sales experience, I have built an understanding of the intricate and complex world of copywriting and content planning.

Derek Wright

Business Owner, Veteran

“Wow!!! Above and beyond. Tori was prompt, way ahead of schedule. She gave great feedback with notes for my blog post. Highly recommend!”

Jen Roth

CEO, Birds & Bees Teas

CEO, Manifesting Clarity

Host of Manifesting Clarity Podcast

“It has been an absolute gift to have Victoria writing and creating content for Birds & Bees Teas. Her experience and passion shows through in every project and piece that is constructed. She has displayed excellent communication and ability to ask powerful clarifying questions to gather what she needs for each project.”

Jena Castro-Casbon

CEO of The Independent Clinician

“Tori Scarce did an amazing job helping me transfer text in a Google Doc to a presentation using Google Slides. She made the slides look great and completed the task quickly and accurately. I highly recommend hiring her to help in your business!”

How does this work?


Typing on a Typewriter


Do you need a blog on your website? How about a newsletter? A groovy set of emails to send to clients (or potential clients)? This is the service for you. Let's talk!

Web design


Is your website just not where you need it to be? Do you even have a website? I can help you figure out where to begin, plan your next steps, and even help you design your website. Pick me!

Holding a Flower


What the heck do you even do with a  social media account? I can assist with planning content, creating a content calendar, and guide you with a strategy that is uniquely customized to your business. Come on over!

Do I really need this service?

What does it look like if you don’t have good copy or content? 

If you just threw some words together on your website or in an Instagram post, conversions or engagement is most likely going to be minimal. Without a strategic plan for your website copy, your website won’t get that much traffic. Without specific customization of your instagram posts, you won’t get comments, likes, or shares. Without knowing what to do, you’ll feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed. And worst-case-scenario, you won’t get any traffic or sales. 




But I’m here to make your life easier! 

  • Maybe you think you suck at writing? I can help.

  • Maybe you just threw your website copy together willy-nilly? I can help.

  • Maybe you got a template that just doesn’t sound like your brand voice at all? I can help.

  • Maybe you don’t know how to plan out your content on Instagram or Facebook? I can help.

  • Maybe you’re overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with enough content to grow your business, but you don’t want to give up control of your platform? I can help.

  • Maybe you don’t even know where to get started with market research? I can help!

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